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General Information:

The aim of the present document is to make known the terms and conditions governing the Eurotrust Securities S.A. website. The visitors of our webpage who make use of the material provided by Eurotrust Securities S.A. agree unconditionally with and fully accept the following terms which govern the entire content of our webpage.


This webpage is intended for general information purposes and provides basic information relative to the products and investment services offered by Eurotrust Securities S.A. All the information included in this website do not constitute in any case or may not be construed, either directly or indirectly, as a solicitation, suggestion or proposal to proceed to any transaction or sign any contract or as an investment advice. On the contrary, the assessment of the provided information rests at the discretion of the user, who shall act in any case exclusively on the basis of his own willing and initiative.

Provision of information:

The information provided in this website reflect the views of Eurotrust Securities S.A. on current affairs, applicable legislation and common practice, always taking into consideration the particular date of publication. As it is clearly understood, any changes in current affairs, any future amendments to legislation, as well as any changes in common practices may entail even substantial changes and modifications in the information provided so far.
Eurotrust Securities S.A. makes every possible effort to ensure that any information and elements provided to the visitors of this website are characterised by accuracy, correctness, clarity and completeness. Moreover, Eurotrust Securities S.A. similarly sees that all the provided information is regularly updated. However, if for any reason the above information is not verified, Eurotrust Securities S.A. does not bear any responsibility for any errors or omissions that may appear in this website. Moreover, Eurotrust Securities S.A. does not bear any responsibility for any damages that may be suffered by the visitor of the website as a result of actions made by himself based on the use of the information posted on the Eurotrust Securities S.A. website on the day of his visit.
Finally, no guarantee of any kind, either explicit or implied, is provided for the information, opinions and views that are occasionally
presented in this website.

Links to other websites:

This website contains links to other websites. The link to another website is provided to facilitate the visitors and does not in any case suggest that Eurotrust Securities S.A. endorses this website or the products and services presented therein. The use and access to the linked websites rests at the responsibility of the visitors and Eurotrust Securities S.A. or its board of directors or its managers do not in any case acknowledge or accept any responsibility as to the information contained in links or referred websites. Eurotrust Securities S.A. reserves the right to terminate at any time the links to websites or applications.

Intellectual Property Rights:

The entire content of the Website, apart from the provided links, including, but not limited to, texts, news, graphics, photos, drawings, illustrations, provided services and files of any type in general is protected by copyright, is governed by national and international Intellectual Property Law and is property of Eurotrust Securities S.A., with the exception of the explicitly recognised rights of third parties. Consequently, it is explicitly prohibited to reproduce, republish, copy, save, sell, transmit, distribute, issue, perform, download, translate, amend in any way, either partially or in summary, the content without the previous explicit written consent of Eurotrust Securities S.A.
By accessing any part of the website, the user agrees not to redistribute any information contained in its pages. Exceptionally, it is permitted to save and copy individually parts of the content in a simple personal computer strictly and solely for personal use, not for commercial purposes or any other exploitation and in any case on the condition that the source of the content is stated, without this implying in any way any concession of intellectual property rights. The administration and protection of personal data concerning the Website visitor/user is governed by these terms and the relative provisions of both the Greek Law (L. 2472/1997, P.D. 207/1998, P.D. 79/2000 and nr. 8 L. 2819/2000) and the European Law (Directives 95/46/EC and 97/66/EC). This data shall not be disclosed to any third parties (unless provided by the Law and solely to the competent authorities), but its personal nature shall be safeguarded. This Website does not maintain intentionally any personal data records, but even where it maintains such data as a result of automated actions or actions on behalf of the user, this data is maintained solely for the purpose of communication, filing of complaints, statistical purposes and improvement of the services provided by Eurotrust Securities S.A. Moreover, in the case of links to other websites, this Website is not responsible for the terms of personal data administration and protection adopted by them. In any case, the user/visitor of this Website is able, after contacting the competent department of Eurotrust Securities S.A. and determining the existence of any record containing his personal data, to ask for its deletion, correction or modification.

Website security:

Eurotrust Securities S.A. uses antivirus software to ensure security for the users visiting its website. However, given that navigation on the Internet is not always safe, Eurotrust Securities S.A. does not guarantee that access to its website shall be in any case free of any errors and viruses and therefore it shall not be held responsible for any loss of data or any other damage that may be suffered by its visitors attributed or relative in any way to operations during access to and navigation on its website or starting from its website. The visitors are fully responsible for the protection of their system from viruses.


Nothing in this website constitutes a public offering for transferable securities under L. 3401/2005. The information contained herein may originate from the issuer or administrator or Financial Institution providing the product and may change without notice, whereas Eurotrust Securities S.A. does not undertake any responsibility for the accuracy, integrity and correctness of this information, apart from their accurate reproduction with the consent of the author.
The figures contained in this website referring to the past or relative to simulation of previous
performances are not reliable indicators of future performances. Any forecasts of future performances are not reliable indicators of future performances. The particular tax treatment depends on the individual characteristics of each investor and may change in the future.
Under the provision of the investment services presented herein, Eurotrust Securities S.A. may engage in conflict of interests as to the financial instruments or the investment services. For more information, you are pleased to refer to the conflict of interests policy adopted by Eurotrust Securities S.A.
By nature, the transactions on financial instruments run the risk of lowering the value of the financial instruments, for which the Company bears no responsibility.
For more information on the above financial instruments, the Customer is pleased to refer either to the general terms notified to him upon signing the investment services provision contract with the company or to the special terms of each product.

Modification of terms of use:

Eurotrust Securities S.A. reserves the right to modify at any time and without prior notice to the users the data and information included in its website. By checking for any changes while accessing the Eurotrust Securities S.A. website and by continuing to use the website, the visitors confirm that they fully accept these modifications.

Settlement of disputes:

All the terms and obligations contained in the Eurotrust Securities S.A. website are governed by the law of the Greek State, whereas any dispute arising from this website is subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens.