Bank Accounts

Cash withdrawals or deposits up to the amount of €500 may be executed at the cash desks of Eurotrust. Any amounts exceeding €500 shall be transferred through the following bank accounts:




NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE 04147202297 GR4901100410000004147202297
ALPHA BANK (EURO) 101002002025042 GR1001401010101002002025042
ALPHA BANK (USD) 101015001004197 GR7801401010101015001004197
EUROBANK 00260025480201550352 GR8602600250000480201550352
PIRAEUS BANK 5029000349140 GR9501720290005029000349140
ATTICA BANK 84038393 GR7601600690000000084038393

Important notes:

  • In case of deposit, please state your full name and code.
  • Your cash balance is kept by EUROTRUST in bank accounts. In no case are they used by the company in any way nor are they invested, as provided by the Capital Market Commission legislation.