Margin Account

In collaboration with the banking sector, Eurotrust offers to its customers the opportunity to purchase stocks on credit, thus achieving credit efficiency and one of the best interest rates of the market.

The Purchase of Stocks on Credit is selected by investors who wish to enhance their portfolio by purchasing stocks without direct payment. The investor may place current transferable securities of his Portfolio as a security and purchase stocks without direct payment. For the unpaid stocks, the investor pays interest for the period he chooses to hold these stocks.

The Buffer Portfolio includes the transferable securities provided as Security, as well as the transferable securities purchased or sold in this portfolio.

a. The participating companies must be listed in the Athens Stock Exchange, must trade in the main market and must not be included in the surveillance and special characteristics market.

The transferable securities included in the Buffer Portfolio must be exclusively owned by the investor and must be free of any rights of third parties.

b. The Buffer Portfolio must include stocks of at least three different issuers and the value of each stock must not exceed 40% of the Buffer Portfolio.

In important notion relative to the Margin Account is the margin. The margin is the difference between the current value of the tied portfolio and the debit balance of the margin account. The Capital Market Commission has determined 40% of the current buffer portfolio value as the minimum initial margin. The Customer shall cover any margin deficit within three working days either a) by paying in cash an amount equal to the margin deficit or b) by tying more transferable securities to his basic portfolio, or c) through a combination of the above.

The minimum maintained margin is set to 30% of the current buffer portfolio value.

A long-term credit contract must be signed with our company as well as with the collaborating Bank. For further information, our executives are at your disposal to inform you in person and to send you more information material.

The purchase of stocks on credit requires constant vigilance on the part of the investors, due to the daily settlement and the daily adjustment of the required safety margin. However, it should be noted that a mistaken use of the Margin may lead to the loss of substantial capital, given that the investor invests amounts that exceed his capital.