Online Transactions

Eurotrust further upgrades its services for the benefit of its clients and it introduces in the portfolio of its services a comprehensive system of order transmission, management and monitoring called EUROTRUSTTrader.

The new, technologically advanced tool aims to our clients benefit from various investment opportunities in the local and international equities markets because it ensures:

  • 24hour safe access to investor’s portfolio,
  • using a single personal password,
  • and accessing the web site of Eurotrust through portable devices such as laptop, tablet or mobile telephone

so as to:

  • have access to 37 international markets
  • watch international stock quotes
  • evaluate the information to the benefit of their own
  • make investment decisions
  • execute them at once – in real time

Learn about the web trading system On Line Eurotrust Trader.

EUROTRUST Web Trader offers the ability to watch stock quotes and place orders as well as manage your portfolio in a friendly environment using any browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozila Firefox and Google Chrome). Due to its flexible design it works perfectly through:

  • all computers (desktop and laptop) regardless of their operating system and
  • all smartphones and tablets using Android or iOS.

Web Trader represents an ideal solution for investors as it does not require the use of Java making the access and login to the trading environment easier for the user.

EUROTRUST Desktop Trader is an alternative web trading application which uses Java.

It offers the ability to watch stock quotes and place orders as well as manage your portfolio in an easy and flexible manner.

One of its main advantages is that it works as a standalone application on a desktop offering plug & play abilities. Furthermore, it offers a variety of custom – made stock charts and the ability of Technical Analysis. This way it is the ideal tool for organized traders as well as investors who use specialized and modern analysis methods.

Eurotrust’s on-line trading platform fully covers its clients’ needs through the internet and it constantly upgrades and expands with the support of the Athens Stock Exchange.